GPS Signal lost

Pierre Voland
A young man walks into winter, to try to overcome his own prohibitions: a love encounter with another man, and a search for the absolute and for a Christian spirituality. GPS Signal Lost tells about his inner journey, combining Jura snowy landscapes, a medieval courtly novel, and a gay dating app on a smartphone. Shot on black and white Super 8 mm and built like a suspended mobile, the film is a meditative quest that alternates between the present time and a very distant past.
Year : 2022
Length : 42'
Language(s) and subtitles : Vo (ancien) fr – St Fr / En
Filmmaking : Pierre Voland
Credits : Directing, camera, field recordings, voice-over: Pierre Voland Editing: Sébastien Demeffe, Pierre Voland Studio recording and sound editing: Sébastien Demeffe, Cyril Mossé Sound mixing: Cyril Mossé, Thomas Ferrando Super 8 scan: Laurent Tenzer – Filmfabriek Grading: Sébastien Demeffe Diffusion: Valéria Musio Production manager: Ellen Meiresonne Production: Atelier Graphoui, Pierre Voland Supported by the French Ministry of Culture, Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Aide individuelle à la création 2020 Black & white – 4/3 – stereo Distribution format : DCP, 16mm
Distribution : Special mention of the Georges de Beauregard national prize, FID Marseille 2022