Alexander Schellow

Hand-drawn frame by frame from memory, SIE (She) invites the viewer to encounter a person who meets their gaze without seemingly being able to look back at them. In and in-between 70.000 drawings made over the past 20 years, Alexander Schellow reconstructs 105 minutes of the face of his grandmother. Born in 1913 in Königsberg, she died in a home for people with dementia in Berlin at the age of 102. The intertwined streams of remembering and forgetting form a space of immersive sound and image. They unfold an impossible cinematic archive – a place inhabited by disparate temporalities. Yet, together with the perpetually transforming cartography of black spots and acoustic traces questions of response-ability, care, representation and embodied history are set into movement across the projection screen.

Year : 2023
Length : 105'
Filmmaking : Alexander Schellow
Credits :

Animation : Alexander Schellow
Soundtrack : Laszlo Umbreit