Jen Debauche

A sailing ship cuts through the Arctic Ocean while the narrator reads stories from people who have experienced psychotic experiences. In the first part of the journey one sees awe- inspiring, dazzling icy landscapes and one hears the description of the revelations that accompany the paranoid and manic phases. The second part plunges us into the abyss, in the heart of the ice structure. We hear reports of the depressive phase. The storm is rising, the rigging of the ship goes crazy and we enter the mental chaos of psychotic people. The third part takes place on a calm sea, in a realistic landscape. We listen to solutions and transformations of psychotics that try to live with their disorder.

Year : En cours
Length : 60'
Language(s) and subtitles : Vo English
Filmmaking : Jen Debauche
Credits :

Director – Jen Debauche
Writers – Jen Debauche & Julie Labas
Producer – Eurydice Gysel (Czar Film & Tv)
Co-producer – Cobra Films
Cinematographer – Jen Debauche
Editor – Lou Vercelleto & Sébastien Demeffe
Mix : Thomas Ferrando
Musique originale : Fred Frith
Production : Eurydice Gysel
Avec : Charlotte Rampling.
Production : Czar Film & Tv
Coproduction : Atelier Graphoui
Funding : VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund)

Link : czar.be