My Paper Life

Vida Dena

Vida Dena’s feature documentary debut, My Paper Life, is an intimate and subtly expansive portrait of a Syrian family living in a house in Brussels that seldom leaves the confines of its four pink walls. Dena’s film focuses on the two eldest daughters, Hala and Rima and the family’s growing collection of drawings and dreams. Surrounded by sketches, the young women recall their journey and their home, their plans to study and to marry, and what other possibilities they hope this new life might have in store.

Year : 2022
Length : 90'
Language(s) and subtitles : Vo fr/ar/farsi – St nl/eng
Filmmaking : Vida Dena
Credits :

Scénario et réalisation : Vida Dena
Accompagnement de l’animation : Caroline Nugues-Bourchat
Montage : Lenka Fillnerova
Animation : Clémentine Robach
Productrices : Hanne Phlypo, Eugénie Michel-Vilette Anna Van der Wee & Ellen Meiresonne
Une production de Clin d’Oeil Films, en coproduction avec l’Atelier Graphoui, avec le soutien du Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF), Wild Heart Productions, Les Films du Bilboquet, Brouillon d’un rêve, Scam Bourse Orange, Procirep, CNC & Pictanovo.