De Schaduwwerkers

Annelein Pompe

De Schadow Workers is a fable documentary in which the upside-down-pigeon named Lukaku tells us the story about Usman and the Dutch Good-for-nothing. Usman works in a night shop and can only sleep during the day while the Good-for-nothing works in a honey shop. Together they embody the non-stop working rhythm of the world we live in today. The bird Lukaku takes us on an anthropologic journey, reflecting on the role of dreams in the lives of these two working humans in the city of Ghent.

Year : 2021
Length : 47'
Language(s) and subtitles : Vo fr/nl/eng – St fr/nl/eng
Filmmaking : Annelein Pompe
Credits :

Scenario en productie / Scénario et réalisation : Annelein Pompe
Beeld en geluid / Image et son : Annelein Pompe
Montage : Pierre de Bellefroid
Een zelfproductie, ondersteund in coproductie door / Une auto-production, soutenu en coproduction par l’Atelier Graphoui