Palimpsest of the Africa Museum

Matthias De Groof

“Palimpsest of the Africa museum” documents the renovation of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (now Africa Museum) as an esthetic mourning process, shows the complexity of the alterations and reveals through the eyes of the Belgian African Diapsora what the renovation really puts at stake: the decolonization of the Self.

Year : 2018
Length : 75'
Language(s) and subtitles : Vo Fr / St Nl-En
Filmmaking : Matthias De Groof
Credits :

Screenwriter : Matthias De Groof. Director : Matthias De Groof. Cinematographer – D.O.P. : Matthias De Groof. Editor : Sebastien Demeffe. Music : Ernst Reijseger. Texte et Voix : Jean Bofane