Beyond the Blue

Ladislas de Monge, Pierre de Bellefroid

2009 – In a barn in Oklahoma, wing commander Scotty Wilson (USAF) starts building the replica of a racing plane designed in the 1930s by Ettore Bugatti et Louis de Monge, the Bugatti 100P. After 80 years, Scotty wants to be the one to fly with the most elegant plane ever imagined. Louis de Monge’s grand nephew goes to meet him and embarks upon the adventure. The past crops up bit by bit, mixes up with the present with the actors of the time. The strain increases with the imminence of the first flying.

Year : 2021
Length : 51'
Language(s) and subtitles : VO Fr & En / ST Fr & En
Filmmaking : Ladislas de Monge, Pierre de Bellefroid
Credits :

A flm by Ladislas de Monge, Pierre de Bellefroid
Images & Sounds : Ladislas de Monge, Pierre de Bellefroid, Mira de Monge, Jérôme Dessy, Thomas Otte,
David Rosenbaum, John Lawson, Scotty Wilson, Aldert van Nieuwkoop
Editing : Pierre de Bellefroid et Matthias Förster
Sounds design : David Davoine – banjo, Hervé De Brouwer – guitar, Pierre de Bellefroid – piano string
Colour Grading & Mastering : Matthias Förster
Mixing : Laszlo Umbreit
Graphic Design : Etienne Pelissier
A self-production with the support of Atelier Graphoui (Production Studio, Brussels), AJC! (Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes, Production Studio, Brussels), and a crowdfunding band.