A Sea Change (Een idee van de zee)

Nina de Vroome

‘A Sea Change’ starts in IBIS, a boarding school for maritime education in Ostend. This is the home for boys between six and sixteen years old. In a strict discipline they are taught. The boarding school is like a miniature world where children learn, play and sleep, costumed as sailors. The outside world trickles inside the film and places the youthfulness of the boys in contrast with the old sea and the men who are connected to it. Whilst the boys are growing up looking ahead, it would seem that the sea, and all those who depend on her are looking back to the past. ‘A Sea Change’ brings the dreams and world of the boys in contact with memories and diary stories of old fisher men. The nostalgia around the sea comes to life.

Year : 2016
Length : 60'
Language(s) and subtitles : NL spoken, EN subtitles
Filmmaking : Nina de Vroome
Credits :

Director & writer: Nina de Vroome – Photography: Nina de Vroome – Editor: Nina de Vroome, Sébatien Demeffe – Sound: Ruben Desiere, Hannes Verhoustraete, Liesbeth Beeckman – Producer: Sieber Marly – SIEBER – Co-producer: Atelier Graphoui – Executive producer: Lotte Van Craeynest – With the support of: VAF, Beursschouwburg, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen. In coproduction with: Atelier Graphoui